Sydney Hinan is a Toronto based photographer, offering a multitude of services to clients in order to meet any and all their needs.  He is more than happy to accommodate clients and their visions.  He shoots on-location and in-studio, tailoring every session to the client’s needs. 
Sydney shoots portraits of all styles; fashion, pets, engagements and is more than capable of tackling any challenge thrown his way.  Other services include: Printing, Digital Restoration, Colourization, Scanning and Print Design.
Sydney Imaging also offers custom prints of all his work, making each and every print a perfectly tailored final product. As a result, his clients may conveniently order prints from him without the need to go to a secondary source.  Sydney Imaging always provides custom sizing and colour correction to ensure that each and every final photograph comes out picture perfect!
Trained in Print Design at Toronto Image Works, Sydney can create a custom design for an assortment of purposes including: album art, publicity, menus and restaurant promoting. He has a vast knowledge of typography and is determined to meet the vision of his clients.
Please see Sydney’s contact information below for consultation or to request a quote.
Sydney Imaging
Phone: (416) 659-2306
Thank you!
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